4-day workweek

Four working days per week? This surely must mean at least 10 hour long days to get everything done, right? Wrong!

2021-01-25 (1minute read)

For us at Solutional it means four "regular nine-to-five" days at work and three days off to do something else and spend time with family and friends and/or on hobbies.
But what about the salary, is that 80% as well? Of course not, having 4 working days does not mean that you have to compromise on the salary.
Here are some thoughts after adopting the four-day workweek.

Less hours == less work done?

Some may think so, but no. It seems like we would get more done if we put in more hours. Certainly we do not deliver 20% less as studies have shown that people who work 4 days a week are happier, more motivated and use their time more efficiently. They are also less stressed which leads to less sick days. All this means that in the end we’re getting about the same amount of things done as we would when we’d work 5 days a week at the same time increasing the quality of our work as we’re tackling every problem with a fresher mind.

When we asked our clients for their feedback if they have noticed any differences between us working 4 or 5 days, their response was that from the perspective of productivity there are no changes.

What about downsides?

From that same feedback we understood that while we work 4 days a week, our clients still have to work on 5 days, which means that if they want to ask or discuss something on that fifth day, we might not be able to help right away. Although some of our clients have their in-house and other partners’ teams working on the same project at the same time we’re yet to experience a situation where other people are blocked because we have a day off. Similar situations might occur because of vacations and sick days anyway, but for us they are limited thanks to pair-programming principles, which we heavily use.


I’d ask a question to which all of us at Solutional can answer the same way, because it has happened to all of us multiple times:
What is the best feeling on Sunday evening?
Answer: Realizing it’s only Saturday evening.

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