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Our main approach is to find solutions to the actual problems instead of applying patches to the symptoms. All software engineers working at Solutional will communicate directly with client's key person(s) allowing us to find best solutions together. We work by applying Extreme Programming Development principles every day in every project. We don't have any middle-men — our software engineers are working as analysts, project managers, quality assurance engineers — you name it. And we do it in pairs for even more improved quality and efficiency.

Notable projects we have been part of

We carry out software and product development within Forus US Token and Forus Taxi/Tulika projects.

We help to develop a system for digital invoice handling automation service provided by Telema AS.

We assist Bigbank on launching their loan origination for new foreign country branch and help to unify their solutions across all countries to make expanding their business to next markets even faster and smoother.

We are a strategic partner for Coop by making their e-commerce service eCoop to run smoothly and grow their business by adding new functionality. In addition to software development and project management, we're also helping to look into the future.

We are developing a system that helps Sunly improve the speed and management of in-house processes.

Developed software exclusively for internal use within Harmet, aimed at optimizing the organization of modular house production processes and accurate status tracking.

We maintain and develop Tradehouse's existing e-commerce platform to help them expand their business into various European countries.

We developed an authentication and authorization portal for the Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of the Environment to ensure efficient and secure access to their systems and resources.

We developed a prototype based on real-time economics to test the logic of a new waste reporting system. This solution helps the Ministry of Climate test innovative approaches in the field of waste management and serves as a valuable tool in the development of a new system.

Among aforementioned projects we have been part of many smaller ones too. Contact us to find out if we can be helpful to each-other!



Do you experience problems with some existing software? Do you need to add additional features or build some software system from scratch?
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Forus Token Service

Forus Token Service

We have assisted Forus in building a service for their US Token and an internal administration interface intended for their own use. This article briefly summarizes why such a service exists and the technologies it is built upon to ensure development productivity and service availability.

Software Tailored Solution vs. Off-the-Shelf Product

Software Tailored Solution vs. Off-the-Shelf Product

Why choose a tailored software solution over off-the-shelf products and for who it's best suited for.

The Simplicity of Creating Complex Software

The Simplicity of Creating Complex Software

Creating complex software is not at all complicated, and sometimes it is done right at the beginning of a project, even before solving a single business problem.


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